5 items I wish we took on our trip…

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We just got back from our two-week family vacation.

We ventured to Ohio by plane and then on to Canada a few days after. In Canada, we visited Niagara Falls, Ottawa, and Toronto (in that exact order).

This was our first long trip with baby girl. Oh, how I wish I took more than I did! There were moments when I realized that I didn’t do a very good job of planning ahead and bringing items along that were very much needed. Below you will find the items that I wish I had taken. Perhaps you’ll find that these are some items you’ll likely be taking along with you on your upcoming trip.

1. My Hydro Flask. 

There was an intense heatwave throughout the part of Canada we were in. For obvious reasons, we were constantly thirsty. We ended up spending a lot on bottled water, and one bottle was never enough.

At home, we always have our Hydro Flasks with us. We like how large our bottles are and how long our drinks stay cold.

When my husband suggested taking them along, I said that there was no need to.

Apparently, they’ve already begun providing water-filling stations in some airports, including our hometown airport (major eye roll at myself). Source: Filling Stations

We stayed with family for a big bulk of our trip, so refilling it there would have worked out. Although I’m not sure whether or not our hotel would have allowed us to refill our water bottles, I would have asked anyway. I’ve also been told and read that the tap water in the particular area we were staying at is safe (I cannot vouche for other areas in Canada-please let me know if you have any information on that!)

2. Pack ‘n Play Playard (the smaller version)

Poor Mariam couldn’t do much in the hotels rooms when we weren’t venturing out into town. Because of the hazards around the room, we had to hold her or sit by her as she played (she was dying to crawl around).

The lightbulb went off in my head when we were at a relatives house and she had a smaller version of the Graco Pack ‘n Play playard and I was able to put Mariam in it while I took my shower and got ready for the day.

I would suggest you try and make this item a priority for your trip, especially if your baby is crawling or beginning to walk and explore.

3. Not the umbrella stroller. 

Oh. My. Goodness. As soon as we arrived back home, I almost kissed our Graco stroller.

Although umbrella strollers are more compact and easy to carry, they aren’t always the best choice for longer strolls and all-day adventures. We have a fairly “comfy” umbrella stroller, but Mariam isn’t at all into it. On the other hand, she’ll ride in her Modes stroller for hours (okay, maybe that’s sort of an exaggeration). But she prefers it over our umbrella stroller.

4. Barf bags (eh heh).

This is weird and random, but let me explain.

We did A LOT of driving, and I never realized that I would get car sick, but I did on the way back to the airport and proceeded to barf into a fast-food doggy bag. Can you guess what happened next?

Yes…the bag collapsed. I will spare you the rest of the details. I’m sorry and you’re welcome.

All I want to add here is that barf bags CAN be a necessity. Depends on you and the situation.

5. Outfits that don’t need ironing.

It’s almost inevitable to roll/fold your clothes, tightly stuff them into a suitcase, and pretend you’ll wear every item on your trip. It was very frustrating steaming and ironing our outfits. There were days we would wake up and want to leave the hotel within an hour (that’s not much time when you have to get your child ready in addition to yourself.

There are materials that do not require a lot of work in regards to getting the wrinkles out.

Here is a fabulous article about how to choose clothing for your trip. Tips include how to check if the fabric will wrinkle, whether or not the fabric breathes, and if the fabric will keep its shape.

What items do you consider essential for a long trip? Leave your comments for me below.

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