Freebie! Grocery Map

This one was originally for yours truly.

I cannot, for the life of me, grocery shop with my daughter and get everything I need. So I get what I can, leave, then send my husband to the store to get the rest (and more things we don’t need). All of this results in throwing away the idea of saving money on groceries and my enthusiasm for weekly shopping. Oh, and forget being able to look for the specials and try and compare prices on the spot.

I kid you not, this here is what my grocery list looked like last week:

I had too many lists trying to sort out what I needed!

So, here is my attempt to make things easier to keep track of when I’m going to the grocery store.

I give you, the Grocery Map

Click here to view and print it

This is handy for all of you visual learners. I like this because instead of writing out all what I need and categorizing them in words, I prefer to see my supermarket and write down what I need from each aisle or section. Before solidly using this, take a look around your local grocery store and jot down the aisle numbers and/or the groups of items in each aisle. You can also combine aisles like I did so it’s more like sections.

I haven’t yet tested this out, but I’m super excited to do so. If you decide to use this for your own grocery trip, please leave a comment below letting me know how it went.

And as always, if you want this to look differently to fit YOUR needs, shoot me an email at

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