5 Apps for Busy Mamas

Sometimes it’s in that moment when you get in the car, pull up into the driveway, or sit in a parking spot at the grocery store when you have a second to get yourself together. Your phone is sometimes the only way you’ll get the chance to jot down your ideas, reminders, or list meals for the week.

Although I do prefer a notebook over using my phone for keeping lists and ideas (feels good to write things down), having a child makes it hard to get to your notebook or even get a chance to write anything down. But my phone is easier to get to because it’s always close by and I can manage to do what I need to on it fairly quickly (funny, huh?).

For a busy stay at home mama like myself, I have a few go-to apps that I truly appreciate and can’t live without (now that’s a well-deserved over-exaggeration).

Here are my top 5 favorite apps I use to feel like I have handle on things:

1. Walmart Grocery

Seriously if you don’t know about this already, you’re missing out. Even though picking up your groceries at several different supermarket chain stores is nothing new, it was God-sent (and fairly new) when I had Mariam. For those of you with kiddos, you know very well how hard it can be to grocery shop. Add that struggle to your crazy hormones and bad day and guess what? Mama is not doing any heavy grocery shopping today! Thank God for you, free grocery pickup.

Wait wait wait! I can pick out my groceries, choose a time to pick them up that suits me, pay for them on the app and just pick them up for free?

With this app, yes. Yes, you can.

2. Notebook

Nope, not the novel by Nicholas Sparks.

This is a great app for mamas who like to do some journal writing. I used to LOVE writing in my journal every night before bed, but stopped when I began co-sleeping with my daughter. When she goes to sleep, lights out.

But I can still do some journaling the same way on my phone and it feel all notebooky!

The Notebook app acts like a journal in that you can flip through pages of writing. I also love that the color theme is clean and simple, so it resembles the feel of a journal.

3. Google Keep

This one is great for quick lists and drawings. You know, that list you gotta make when you suddenly remember that you also need toilet paper and dish soap because you’re almost out.

I also love it because you can pick a background color for each note so your notes don’t blend together, confusing you as to how far you need to scroll down to get to your pretty bad drawing of how you’re going to arrange the living room later.

4. Wunderlist

This is the phone version of your notebook I told you to buy two weeks ago! Did you get one yet?

Anyway, I’ve used this app to make individual packing lists for my family. I’ve also used this to jot down places to go when we visited Canada this past summer. It’s great for your every day to-do list as well as your wish list for items you want when you get your paycheck (wink, wink).

5. Yummly

Do you know how many times I’ve just blindly picked a recipe off Pinterest and then embarrassed myself at a family dinner? You can ask my brother who had to eat lasagna mush that was actually supposed to be lasagna soup (I’m sure he changed my name for that later).

Yummly is great because you can pick out the ingredients you have on hand and it’ll give you meal ideas. It will even ask you what kind of seasoning you want to use.

Oh, and my favorite part: THE RATINGS. You get to actually see if the recipe is legit and the app is very easy and pleasant to navigate for mamas who are in a rush to find a quick and easy recipe. It’s also great for bloggers and chefs out there because the actual recipe links back to the author’s site, so they get the credit they deserve. Everybody wins!

Leave a comment below letting me know if you already use any of these apps. If not, do you think you’ll plan on using one (or more) of them?

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