Focusing on Routines

As a new week approaches, so do new goals in our home.

Most of those goals naturally pertain to my daughter and our home. I (like many other mamas) have thoughts like How can I entertain Mariam while helping her learn? and How can I make our days smoother?

Since last week, I’ve been adjusting and re-thinking our routine because our days are not as consistent as I’d like them to be. Yes, we generally do things the same each day, but the timing changes and our activities vary at times. I’ve noticed that I run out of ideas (and energy) throughout parts of our day which causes both of us to get bored (and frustrated), so this is why I’ve decided to focus on establishing a routine based more on the clock.

A little back story…

When Mariam was younger, the clock was my nemesis. I couldn’t, for the life in me, keep a schedule dependent on the clock like some baby books recommend. She would never wake, eat, or sleep at similar times each day. Yes, she could easily adjust and sleep wherever on the MANY trips we took, but no two days matched up when we were home. I often felt like a failure. Thank God for Google (do we say this enough?) because I realized I wasn’t the only one. Instead, I learned and decided to follow Mariam’s cues and act accordingly while trying to keep some things consistent each day.

Now that she’s going on 13 months, she’s awake for longer periods during the day and she seems to enjoy knowing what’s coming next. I know that planning and adjusting a routine takes time, but hopefully doing this will improve our productivity and make our time better spent each day.

Here’s the routine that I’ve started with (and I am adjusting it whenever necessary depending on what works and what doesn’t):

7:00 – Wake

7:30 – Breakfast

8:00 – Brush teeth and get dressed (this is a new thing-we used to stay in our jammies all day)

8:15 – 8:45 – Read, play, learn (we do this together)

8:45 – Play/explore outside & Snack (this may have to change because it’s freezing in the morning)

9:00-9:30 – Chores with mom

9:30 – Quiet play, read

10:00 – Nap

11:00 – Wake

11:30 – Lunch

12:00 – Read, play, learn

12:30 – Outside/errands (this is good for when I need to run some errands)

1:30 – Quiet play, read

2:00 – Nap

3:30 – Wake/snack

4:00 – Make dinner with mom/kitchen play

6:00 – Dinner

6:30/6:45 – Play

7:00 – Bath

7:30 – Bedtime snack

8:00 – Brush teeth & reading

8:30 – Hopefully asleep 


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