Winter Skin Essentials

My skin is ALWAYS dry, especially during the colder months. I am one of those girls who, when she wears foundation or powder, you can literally see the grains on her face because her skin is so dry and the foundation doesn’t help! Every time the cold comes around, I start acting like my skin is going to do better that year. HAHA, yeah right.

I also suffer from atopic eczema, so you can only imagine how pretty dry skin and eczema look on me *sarcasm*. Dry skin and eczema work hand-in-hand. If my skin is dry and cracked, eczema soon follows. It’s a sad cycle and it’s even worse with pregnancy hormones (I had HORRIBLE hand eczema while I was pregnant with my daughter, don’t ask me why).

This year is different though. I found exactly what my skin has been needing. I went for natural, inexpensive products that actually work! I am going to show you the two products I’ve been using that have been phenomenal for my face.

The two products that you’re going to see below are also great options for working moms, stay at home moms, and moms who are just plain busy. They are quick and easy to apply and they give you excellent results with minimal effort. You’re also staying away from harmful ingredients and additives; a plus for breastfeeding moms!

1 – Rose and Aloe Facial Spritz by Claudia Nour

This stuff is wonderful! You know that Evian hydrating mist you find at places like Sephora? Claudia Nour’s facial spritz reminds me of the hydrating mist, only I think it’s better.

This facial spritz is made up of natural rose water, aloe vera gel, and glycerine (all natural-all halal).

I love using this throughout the day and before bedtime. Sometimes I spray it on my face to feel refreshed and other times I apply it as a toner. Do you remember when I said that you could see the foundation on my dry face? Well, with this spritz, I don’t have that problem anymore! As recommended by Claudia Nour, I use this spritz to apply my powder foundation (also by Claudia Nour – great stuff). I just spray my foundation brush (or kabuki brush) with this spritz and apply my powder concealer.  It gives me a “barely-there” and natural look. It also feels refreshing and amazing!

Here are the benefits that I’ve experienced from using Claudia Nour’s Rose and Aloe Facial Spritz:

  • Feeling more refreshed throughout they day; it helps calm me when I’m feeling overwhelmed
  • Bedtime is more pleasant and my face smells good before I go to sleep (makes for better sleep)
  • My foundation doesn’t look dry on my face; an established “barely-there” look
  • My skin is glowing and less blotchy

2- Lavender Mint Face Oil (also by Claudia Nour)

This face oil is a blend of lavender and mint infused in almond oil. Lavender and mint both have acne fighting powers! Woohoo! The lavender also has anti-bacterial properties, which is a win for your face since we find quite a bit of bacteria there.

The huge bonus here is that these are natural ingredients. Nothing toxic, no synthetics.

I simply wash my hands, use the included dropper to extract the oil and drop it into my hands, and massage the oil onto my face in circular motions.

I have tried to use various natural oils on my face before getting this one and my skin never took well to them. My face was still dry, regardless of the oil I was using. With Claudia Nour’s Lavender and Mint Face Oil, my skin is smooth and the dryness is no more!

Here are the benefits that I’ve experienced from using Claudia Nour’s Lavender and Mint Facial Oil:

  • My face isn’t dry and doesn’t hurt anymore (because of dryness)
  • My skin looks and feels hydrated in the morning and throughout the day
  • The oil is light which means that my face doesn’t look shiny
  • The oil doesn’t get messy and on my clothing or any other items

If you’re looking for products to keep you moisturized during these cold months, go ahead and try out Claudia Nour’s skin care and body products such as the two I mentioned above. You won’t be disappointed and you won’t suffer from dry itchy skin anymore.

Let me know in the comments if you suffer from dry skin and whether or not you’ve tried these products.

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