Practical Life: Pouring Liquids

Mariam has been showing a lot of interest in pouring lately. She now pours her cereal and milk into her bowl each morning for breakfast and has the opportunity to pour water from her pitcher into her cups whenever she desires.

NOTE: The following video plays music, so it may be LOUD.

A few months ago, I noticed that, while she sat in the bath in the evenings, she was drawn to the different cups from among her bath toys. She’d indicate (by placing the cups under the faucet) that she wanted to practice the skill of filling her cup and dumping it either on herself or back into the bath.

She also found joy and concentration in doing similarly at the bathroom sink during her morning and evening teeth brushing ritual; she would find something to catch water with and dump it back into the sink repeatedly. I supported her interest there as well.

This past week, I finally taught her that the water dispenser at her kitchen area can be used for drinking as well. If you read my recent post about our toddler kitchen, I mentioned that we started off by only using the water dispenser for washing hands in the beginning. This week, I showed her how she would turn the water dispenser on to fill her cup and to turn it off afterward (she wasn’t interested in turning it off, but we’ll work through that later).


At her meal and work table, she has the space and opportunity to practice pouring water from her small glass pitcher into her cup, and then pouring that same water from her cup into the pitcher again. This has been a great way to encourage her will and concentration. Not to mention the fact that her fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are being polished in the process.

I always try to provide a towel to put beneath her area to catch most of the spills that are expected from practicing pouring out of the pitcher. Ideally, you want to have your materials on a tray with a cloth nearby for quick cleanups.

I have had questions about the type of pitcher Mariam uses. This is a child-size pitcher that is thick and sturdy. Click HERE to view and purchase the pitcher.

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