Toddler-Friendly Utility Cart

I bought our utility cart a few months ago with several ideas in mind, all pointing toward making it useful and purposeful for Mariam.

In this post, I’m going to show you what items I have chosen to put in the cart and how Mariam is doing with retrieving and using the items.

There are three baskets on this cart, the top basket being too high for Mariam to reach. For this reason, I try to leave it empty. Sometimes, Mariam will reach up and stick miscellaneous items in the top basket as she plays in the kitchen and pushes the cart around.

The second basket on this cart has been designated for every day cleaning tools such as Mariam’s water/soap cleaning spray, a child-friendly dustpan, and a cleaning cloth.

The bottom basket currently holds her watering can for when we need to water our houseplants.

I have found this cart to be useful and quite the entertainment for Mariam. On most days, she’ll go to her cart to get her blue cleaning cloth to wipe up spills (she spills on purpose sometimes just so she can say, “Oh, no! A mess”, and run over to her cart to get the cloth).

She also likes the idea of her dustpan, but doesn’t quite know how to properly use it just yet (there are different movements involved with using a dustpan, something a little difficult for Mariam right now).

As for the spray bottle (an empty Mrs. Meyers cleaning bottle), she hasn’t quite figured out how to use it yet.

I am constantly thinking of items to add to her cart. I’ve been considering (slowly) transitioning the cart to a place where her snacks are stored because our pantry cabinet is not as easily accessible as I’d like it to be. I’d also like Mariam to learn to be more independent when preparing her snacks (getting her own snack, arranging it on her plate, etc).

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