Winter Skin Essentials

My skin is ALWAYS dry, especially during the colder months. I am one of those girls who, when she wears foundation or powder, you can literally see the grains on her face because her skin is so dry and the foundation doesn't help! Every time the cold comes around, I start acting like my skin … Continue reading Winter Skin Essentials

Easy Cheesy Eggs

I'm all about food that takes almost no time, uses up the least amount of dishes, and taste like they've been on Food Network (maybe that's taking it too far). I also consider it a big win when I make dishes that my husband and I can enjoy while getting our toddler to enjoy the … Continue reading Easy Cheesy Eggs

What’s in my Diaper Bag…for Me!

Yes, okay, I’m carrying a diaper bag around MOSTLY for my child, but I secretly enjoy it. Why do I enjoy it? Because I’ve always liked carrying gigantic huge are enough to carry a handbag). When I was younger, I used to lug around my camcorder and empty tapes, my CD player (miss those), notebooks, … Continue reading What’s in my Diaper Bag…for Me!